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Become a Kinesiologist


Would you love to discover a way to go (even) deeper with your clients  that takes the pressure off you having to know absolutely everything?

Are you feeling bored, restless or disillusioned with your current job, skills or practice?  

Are you struggling with bringing all of your knowledge and tools into one seamless process that allows your clients to choose what they need and when every single time? 

Whether you are an established or aspiring Natural Health Practitioner or Healer I teach you how to combine your current skills and knowledge with a whole new modality that brings together the magic of muscle testing, kinesiology, NLP processes as well as provides start-up business support designed to have you registered and practicing as a Kinesiologist in less than 12 months.

A private Balance is a chance to work one on one and to dive deeper into the underlying cause of any issues you are facing.  With the ultimate combination of NLP,  Kinesiology & Human Design we can quickly, easily and effectively access your subconscious mind and discover exactly what you need to release and reprogram. 

1:1 Kinesiology

We are then able to determine what your body needs to be supported in making these changes sustainable for you. This can be in the form of emotional, physical or spiritual and the best thing of all is that your body is communicating this information through the tool of muscle testing throughout the whole session.  So its all about you!  If you are looking for a way to release the past and embrace your future I would definitely recommend one on one sessions to discover the magic of Kinesiology.


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