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Meet Paige


Welcome, if you have found your way here it is likely that we share a common thread in our lives….


I am a Woman first and foremost, A mother, A Seeker, A Teacher, A Healer….My core values are Love, Freedom & Knowledge. 

I find love in my connections with my family, my friends, my tribe, and through my work – this is how I thrive. Freedom for me is to do the things that light me up in this world and to share these experiences with others.  And finally Knowledge –learning and sharing knowledge speaks to my soul, I feel truly aligned and alive when my core values are being met. 

I haven’t always been this clear and conscious, I took the path of healing to awaken my soul’s purpose and it wasn’t always easy, I will be forever grateful for those who helped me along my way, wherever you are on your healing journey I hope to connect with you too and perhaps walk together for a while.

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