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My Private Balances are available in person or online via Skype. 

Currently my Kinesiology Training and Workshops are run from the address below.

CALL ME: 0405 741 327


201 Plunkett Rd, Tamborine, Q, 4270

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long are private sessions? 

Allow 1.5hrs for your initial consult and then

1hr for follow up sessions

How much are sessions with you?

Private sessions are $150 for your initial consult

and $100 for follow-ups.

How often should I see you? 

That depends on what you are working on however after each session I muscle test your body to find out when is best for you to come back.

What Can I Expect in a Kinesiology Session? 

One on one sessions are designed to get to the heart of what is happening for you from all aspects of your being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When you arrive for an initial consult we will get a comprehensive history as well as have an in-depth conversation about what it is that you would like to work with for the session.  From there we will move to the Kinesiology part of the session where you will be on the table and we use muscle testing to navigate the session and find out what is happening in the sub-conscious and what we can do to help support you to shift you into where you would like to be.  There will be corrections that will come up to do in the session and their may also be home support that you will be required to do and changes you may need to make in your life to ensure the changes are maintainable. Essentially each time we work together we are unlocking layers of healing and change and the focus may be different each time.

How long does the Kinesiology Training go for? 

Depending on which course you are interested in – weekend courses run for 1 weekend/ month over 9 months.  Weekly classes are run for 27 weeks in total, however we break for school holidays.

How much is the Kinesiology Training in total? 

The training consists of 9 modules and each module is $450.  The total is $4050.

What qualifications will I get once I
have completed the training? 

You will be a fully Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist which means you will be able to get insurance to practice Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology as a Practitioner.

Do you offer a payment plan for the Kinesiology Training?

Yes I do – I can be quite flexible with payment options so if you would like to use one of my options its best to discuss what will work for you – it can include a weekly or monthly payment or we can tailor something to your own needs.

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