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Kinesiology + Muscle testing

This workshop has been put together by popular demand!

Muscle testing and kinesiology are becoming the new way to take charge of your own health and wellbeing, come along to this hands on workshop and learn some of my favourite kinesiology tools and the important skill of muscle testing. 

You will learn:
* Basic muscle testing;
* Self Muscle Testing; 
* How to switch your brain on every day;

* Tools to get you started on your own kinesiology journey;
* A basic balance procedure and you will swap a balance with someone! 


Designed so that you walk away with confidence and tools you can use in every day life to enhance your health and wellbeing while also gaining a greater knowledge of the power and magic of kinesiology for health.

Investment for the workshop is $99 please pre-book and pay above.

It will be held at my private studio at 201 Plunkett Rd, Tamborine.   Light refreshments and an information booklet will be provided. Numbers are limited so don't miss out on your chance for a life changing morning.

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